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If you are switching from a different heartworm medication then please ensure that you allow a month between medicating. If you have not given a heartworm medication before then it is important that your pet is first tested for the presence of heartworms, Once they are given the all clear then you can safely use Heartgard Plus without a need for a prescription to be sent.

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How Often To Give Heartgard Plus

It is recommended by the American Heartworm Society to give Dogs and Cats a dose of Heartgard every month of the year. In this way we are ensuring that they are never going to develop adult heartworms and it allows owners total peace of mind that their pets are going to be kept totally safe.

If our pets develop adult heartworms then it is very dangerous to their health. Dogs need to go through lengthy treatments that keep them out of action for weeks. And for Cats there is no known effective way to eliminate heartworms once they get to the adult stage so we need to ensure that this never happens. Give them a medication once a month to keep them totally safe and in perfect health.