5 Reasons Why Your Dog Indulges In Excessive Licking

Your little furry friend has been licking you incessantly. Pet parents can find this extraordinarily adorable or merely bothersome.

Dogs love to lick! They lick their body parts and enjoy licking yours too. Those of you who have JUST become pet parents, you wonder why your pet does that! 

Is it a way to display their love for you? Does your dog view you as a snack? Well, there are five reasons why your dog indulges in excessive licking. Let’s unravel the mystery! 

1. I want attention, HOO MOM!

Your dog licks you because they are craving for attention. Dogs are the most loyal and lovable creatures on this planet. Perhaps they want to get your attention. 

‘Look at me! I’m here. I’m so cute!’

2. Woof! You are tasty, Hoomom! 

Human beings are salty! Your dog is probably licking you because they like the taste. Just like Ed Sheeran is in love with the shape of ‘you,’ your dog loves the salty taste of your skin. 

When you head back home after a strenuous gym session, notice your dog! They will greet you, and the licking business will start YET again!

3. I’m a HEALER 

Dogs tend to lick their wounds and scrapes. It is quite beneficial! The saliva can help the injury to heal faster. Similarly, if the human being has an open cut or an injury, the dog will start licking it excessively. 

They want to help you, mate! Your dog is your healer. In Ancient Egypt, a dog’s lick was used for healing injuries. A dog’s tongue is akin to a doctor’s tongue. That’s what the French people say! 

4. Let’s communicate

Just like we speak through words, dogs have their way of communicating with you. They are showing their love, affection, and sympathy by licking you. When pet parents are depressed or start crying, the dogs may come to you and start licking. It is their way to show they care. 

Perhaps the dog is trying to show their affection towards you by planting kisses. You would notice when you shower kisses on your dog’s face, they will revert by licking your face. 

5. Maintaining Pack Harmony 

Licking is also a sign of submissiveness. The subordinate members of the pack show their submissive side to the dominant members by licking. This behavior helps in maintaining dog pack harmony! 

Even when puppies are born, the mother communicates with the newborns by licking them. Since it starts from birth, the puppies grow up and interact with their pet parents the same way. 

Concluding Thoughts

Licking can release satisfying endorphins. Hence, you should not be too worried about excessive licking behavior. 

Would you rather have a disinterested dog or a loving one? The choice is yours! 

A lovable dog would lick you for multiple reasons! However, you can train them not to lick themselves time and again. It could also be a sign of a medical issue. If your dog is licking himself/herself continuously, take them to the veterinarian. 

6 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Pets

Most of us love to have pets. Whether it is a dog, cat, bunnies, or any other animal, people will love their fur babies with their whole heart. Although they need our love, it is essential to take care of the pets as well. Just feeding them on time, taking them out for a walk or playing with them is not enough.

Tips for taking care of your pets

We have compiled some of the tips for pet owners to follow to take care of their pets.

1.     Visiting the vet regularly.

Unlike humans out pet don’t live for many years. Hence it is important to take them to the vet at least once or twice a year. During their early years, pets should visit the vets frequently for their vaccination.

2.     Make sure to vaccinate them.

It is important to give proper vaccination to your pets. Without the correct vaccine, your pet might fall sick and get various diseases. Make an appointment with your vet after you adopt a pet and build a schedule for the vaccination. Also, make sure to immunize your pets after a certain age.

3.     Provide them with healthy food.

Every pet owner should provide his or her pets with clean drinking water and healthy food. Nowadays, people can find pet food, specially designed for each pet. When choosing the pet food, make sure it contains carbs, protein, and fats. People can also give homemade food to their pets, but make sure to follow certain rules as pets can’t eat everything humans can eat.

4.     Groom your pets and trim their nails.

Another thing pet owners should not overlook is the grooming of their pet and trimming their nails. Having excess fur or when your pets get dirty, one should clean and cut the fur. Also, if your pets have long nails, then they can hurt themselves and their humans. Hence cut their nails from time to time.

5.     Train your pets to follow commands

From a young age, pets should learn to take basic commands from their owner. Teach them certain commands such as sit, stand, eat, wait, etc. Also, make sure to potty train them, so they don’t make accidents around the house.

6.     Keep them in a clean environment.

Like humans, your pets, also require a clean environment to stay. Make sure their bed and bowls used for drinking and eating get cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.